Redevelopment of Cloverdale Mall

For Generations to Come

Reimagined as a gateway to the city from the west, Cloverdale Mall Redevelopment crafts an innovative, dynamic, and sustainable mixed-use community, with a strong sense of identity for Etobicoke. By refocusing the site as a reinvigorated destination for public amenities, retail, arts, culture, residences, and fulsome public realm, the project designs Cloverdale for generations to come.

Addressing the challenges facing many suburban malls of its kind, our proposal engages in sustainable, long-term solutions, offering experience-focused retail amenities completely integrated into a vibrant mixed-use community organized around robust new streets, squares, and parks.

Refocusing the retail experience in the centre of the site with connectivity of green and community amenity.

Our approach to large-scale suburban intensification is driven by a curation of designed, multi-scaled experiences which begin with the pedestrian and are organized by four primary operations: refocusing the neighborhood retail experience, creating a new fulsome public realm, building a complete mixed-use community, and achieving excellence in sustainable community design. GPA approached these goals by spearheading the design of the master plan to both complement and leverage the anticipated growth of Etobicoke in the future, charged by its proximity to the city’s urban and regional expansion.

The public consultation process for this project set a new precedent for public involvement in redevelopment design. Cloverdale Common was created and staffed by Toronto Metropolitan University Urban Planning Ambassadors to solicit feedback and engage in conversations with the community.

Cloverdale mall site.

Overall, Cloverdale Common resulted in over 15,000 community conversations that were initiated, prior to any submission to the city. This hands-on approach to consultation is indicative of the main design mandate of this project that integrated the arts, culture, health, and wellness into its design.

The 4,000 square-foot “Cloverdale Common” opened 1.5 years prior to the development application seeking feedback from the public and creating a new model for public consultation and engagement.

“Our view of Cloverdale is that long-term there is going to be a need for service-based retail on the site, despite some of the changes we are seeing in retail. It has always acted as that grocery anchored service base – food, pharmacy, bank location that people will always need going forward.” Last year, Ralph Giannone, principal of Giannone Petricone Associates, and the project architect, said feedback from the community was key. “It’s very easy for us to start drawing, but we’ve actually been held back specifically so we can glean from the community.” Paul Barker, Toronto SUN.

The public realm created by the new plan addresses the unique, inhospitable edges of the site, which include the highway ramp, major industrial lands, and the mall collector lane. East Mall is reintroduced as a greenway along which new parks are located to act as buffers and ‘green bridges’ to stitch new bonds between the existing and proposed neighborhoods. The ‘high street,’ Cloverdale Square, the neighborhood park, the market building, a community amenity, the edge trail, and a green promenade together define the mixed-use design to create a “Village on the Park” that instills a sense of place, and gently transitions the suburban landscape to the quasi-urban format.

The curving, main retail street extends from the East Mall Crescent to the Park Mews, providing scenographic, street-level retail experiences. Wide pedestrian sidewalks, canopies, and controlled crosswalks ensure accessibility for all ages. Cloverdale Square is envisioned to be a covered and intimate pedestrian-focused retail zone, that serves as a central gathering and meeting space. Events and festivals are projected to take place on the site as open-air, but weather protected experiences.

“Public and green space are designed to be multi-generational and weave assertively into and from the surrounding Etobicoke neighborhood.”

Green space is paramount to the design and concept of the development, facilitated by the proposed neighborhood park along the East Mall, at the center of the community. The park is envisioned for all-season activities, with active and passive programming led by the community. It also engages an active Green Edge Trail added along Highway 427. The proposed market building anchors the south side of the park, providing large indoor communal seating areas, as well as a covered seating area that spills out onto the park. In conjunction, designated space for community amenities is reserved on the park, with the opportunity to provide arts and culture programming that is complementary to the new, nearby Etobicoke Civic Centre.

Strong pedestrian and cycling connections through the site link the edge trail and Cloverdale Square.

Offering a concentration of amenities for inter-generational use, the mixed programming of high, mid, and low-rise buildings creates a diverse skyline with residential opportunities for varying individual and family needs. The redevelopment of Cloverdale at once preserves the beloved cultural significance of the site, while accommodating contemporary and innovative shifts in its built form. It projects a newfound vision rooted in community by emphasizing the connection between the private and public realms.

“As a community asset, we want to redevelop Cloverdale Mall with a focus on what makes it great now – the community meeting places – and enhance that function with an integration of public amenities, a mix of uses, and multigenerational green spaces designed to weave assertively into and from the surrounding Etobicoke neighbourhood.” Ralph Giannone

Project Facts

  • Client

    QuadReal Property Group — Master Plan
    QuadReal Property Group and Mattamy Homes —
    Cloverdale Triangle

  • Location

    Etobicoke, Toronto, Ontario

  • Size

    32 acre site, 5870 residential units, 188,000 sq.ft of retail

  • Status

    Site Plan Application — OPA/ZBA/DPOS

  • Sub-Consultant Team

    Masterplan Sub-Consultants:

    Planning — Urban Strategies

    Mobility/ Transportation — BA Group

    Civil — Stantec

    Energy & Sustainability — Urban Equation

    Landscape — Janet Rosenberg & Studio

    Wind & Air Quality — RWDI

    Noise & Vibration — HGC

    Audio Technology — Aviation Consulting

    Structural — RJC

    Cloverdale Triangle Sub-Consultants:

    Mechanical & Electrical — Smith & Anderson

    Costing — Turner & Townsend

    Geotechnical — McIntosh Perry

  • Renderings

    Office In Search Of