Eataly is Featured in Azure

November 29, 2019


Elizabeth Pagliacolo

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November 29, 2019

“Eataly Brings the Piaz­za Expe­ri­ence to Toron­to” says Eliz­a­beth Pagli­a­co­lo for Azure Mag­a­zine. “When Eataly Toron­to opened its doors ear­li­er this month, one thing was inevitable: crowds. Lots and lots of crowds. Two weeks lat­er, there’s still often a line­up around the block at any giv­en hour. The glob­al brand’s built-in pop­u­lar­i­ty has col­lid­ed with the city’s food-lov­ing ener­gy to cre­ate a sure-fire suc­cess. But if the place feels jam-packed, that’s also because it was designed to be that way.” Read the full arti­cle here.