We are a team of researchers, thinkers, and designers.

We believe in the execution of our ideas in architecture where we can make an enduring difference. The firm is formed of teams instead of departments. This strategy lets each team member work on different scales (from interiors to urban design) which leads us back to diversity of thinking, out of box ideas.

Greyscale image of team working at a desk arial view

“We are architects with work that extends from the scales of 'the spoon to the city'. We are committed to contributing to a vibrant environment and see our project as a careful choreography of architectural design, interior design, environmental design, and public realm experiences. Regardless of scale, our measure of quality is a project's ability to positively transform and better everyday life”

Interested in joining our team?

Our award-winning projects are mostly in Canada but extend to the US and Europe where we have recently enjoyed great interest in our unique design approach. We are growing, and looking to hire architects and/or intern architects that will complement our great team of creative individuals and help us rise to the challenges of the next level of exciting projects.