Regent Park Block 22 Featured in Architizer

June 1, 2022



Photo Credit

Richard Johnson

June 1, 2022

Pub­lished as part of Archi­tiz­er’s archi­tec­ture col­lec­tion, Regent Park Block 22 “affirms the typ­i­cal dis­tinc­tion between the for­mal, street-scale front and infor­mal, inti­mate back.” The “archi­tec­ture is con­ceived much like a woven tex­tile whose loose perime­ter threads extend to a more translu­cent skin edge, which allows the build­ing to act at once as a kind lay­ered inter­face between the inti­mate, fam­i­ly spaces of the inte­ri­or and inner block, and the open, col­lec­tive spaces of the street, of the neigh­bor­hood, and of the city.” Read more here.