The Renaissance of The Royal featured in DHD Hospitality Contract

April 4, 2024


Samantha Polvere

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April 4, 2024

The Royal Hotel featured in Design Diffusion Magazine, the international design magazine out of Italy that’s published in both Italian and English, has just released its special Design Diffusion Hotel (DHD) issue.

“We developed an architecture that plays on the expectations of the hotel’s name, history, and context. The aim was to not only restore the lost luster of The Royal Hotel but elevate it to a glorious 21st century version of itself. We embraced the quintessential tropes of a Victorian railway hotel by isolating them, abstracting them, and then reinserting them to create a new narrative that’s more textured and relaxed. The result is a rich contrast between the ‘genteel’ formalities of British tradition and the ‘real’ informalities of rural Ontario. We refer to this as the hotel’s “Royal contrast, ” which treats guests to an experience that is at once transporting yet deeply rooted in the hotel’s local context.

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