Fabbrica Published in Hinge Magazine

June 1, 2011

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June 1, 2011

“Fab­bri­ca ref­er­ences fac­to­ries, pro­duc­tion… a place in which to lit­er­al­ly cre­ate things, and this import is apt­ly cap­tured in the restau­ran­t’s cui­sine as well as its con­vivial atmos­phere, which is sea­soned with icon­ic Ital­ian accent. At the front of the 6,000sq ft estab­lish­ment, an arched ceil­ing lined in reclaimed wood sets the the­atri­cal tone and is flanked by floor-to-ceil­ing win­dows, wick­er lounge chairs and plush leather seat­ing.”