Golden Mile Plaza Revitalization Project Goes to SPA

September 30, 2021

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September 30, 2021

The 67-year-old shopping centre at 1880 Eglinton Avenue East sits on a 19-acre site along Scarborough’s commercial district, dubbed as the Golden Mile. The sites proximity to the future Crosstown LRT transit line makes it a prime candidate for redevelopment, with transit connectivity providing increased economic and social opportunities for its residents. GPA, alongside clients Choice Properties REIT and the Daniels Corporation, have designed a complete community, which includes 11 new buildings with mixed-use programming, an innovation hub, and a pedestrian realm with car-free space as well as retail at grade. 

Phase 1, announced in March of 2021, will include a 44 and 38 storey tower, a 44 storey purpose-built market rental apartment, retail at street-level, as well as commercial and institutional space. Of the slated 1,450 residential units, one third will be rental, to facilitate a mixed-income community. Alongside these initial buildings will be the construction of pedestrian mews, four P.O.P.s (privately owned public spaces) and landscaping that leads to a large public park in the site’s northeastern corner. 

A significant initiative that sets Golden Mile apart from other large-scale intensification projects is the Innovation District, a concept that was born in the community consultation process between neighborhood residents and the landowners. Potential integration of institutions like the University of Toronto and Centennial College aim to create jobs and opportunities for community members by enhancing access to educational and career resources. 

The second phase of development includes retail programming anchored by a large new grocery store. Over the years, the Golden Mile and its surrounding area is anticipated to become home to some 40,000 new residents. Construction on Phase 1 is slated to begin in 2023, with additional exciting collaborations to come.