Pina Petricone Contributor at Barry Sampson Book Launch

October 26, 2021


Brian Carter, Annette LeCuyer, editors

Photo Credit

Daniel’s Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design

October 26, 2021

Partner Pina Petricone was selected by the Daniel’s Faculty at the University of Toronto to speak at the posthumous launch of Barry Sampson Teaching + Practice as one of the book’s contibutors, where she recounts her personal experience as a close collegue of Sampson. The architect and professor was a long-time professor of Architecture at the University of Toronto and founding partner of Baird Sampson Neuert, a celebrated critical practice based in Toronto. Sampson is remembered for his significant contributions to the Canadian architectural landscape and his mentorship of many aspiring designers and practitioners. The book is an initiative of Mr. Sampson’s peers to record his teachings and practice through the lens of three key projects from his notable career. Other notable contributors include Bruce Kuwabara, Brigitte Shim, and George Baird. View the recording of the talk below. 

Barry Sampson Teaching + Practice is available for purchase here. Pina contributed an essay on Barry Sampson’s exemplary Teaching and Practice. Other notable contributors were Brian Carter, Annette LeCuyer