The Globe and Mail Highlights the Revitalizing Agency of Liv Lofts in Don Mills

February 12, 2015


Dave LeBlanc

February 12, 2015

GPA has been an active agent in the redevelopment and revitalization of Don Mills. One of many GPA projects that aim to breathe new life into the Don Mills community is Liv Lofts, previously known as 75 The Donway West. Highlighted by the Globe and Mail as being “more handsome now than it was before. ‘It’s a quiet building that’s not flashy,’ Mr. Giannone says. ‘But for me it has a memory, it has a history to it, an era that we’ve hopefully respected.’” The project transformed an existing 1970s office building, bringing it back to life while still retaining its inherent character and heritage. Read more here.