The Royal, “Contemporary Design with Victorian Flair” Featured in THE PLAN

September 11, 2023


THE PLAN, Italia

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Jeff McNeil

September 11, 2023

The Royal has been featured in THE PLAN, Italia!

The hotel’s concept plays with the history of the area, the fame of the building and local traditions, taking the visitor on a journey of discovery that is revealed room by room, space after space.

As the largest town in Prince Edward County, Ontario, Picton is a small community deeply tied to its culture and land, characterized by a thriving winemaking tradition and to the historical buildings of the town center, which are constructed in the vernacular style of Loyalist architecture, developed between late 8th and early 9th centuries by Jeremy French. Defined by geometry, symmetry and graceful moldings and decorations, this movement features neoclassical lines and has left an important footprint on the urban fabric of the city.

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