GPA’s 2400–2440 Dundas St. West Project Featured in Novae Res Urbis

March 10, 2023


Novae Res Urbis: Toronto

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Office in Search Of

March 10, 2023

Principal Ralph Giannone was interviewed in Novae Res Urbis Toronto to discuss GPA’s extensive urban design portfolio. “It feels like, when you’re driving, you want to accelerate in this stretch, that there is no real good connectivity across Dundas between this site and the neighbourhood. There’s an incredible amenity which is the food store, that has great support from the neighbourhood, but it’s really just a typical suburban format with a big large parking lot in front of it.”

So our intervention was ‘How can we create a positive bridge between this existing community that goes into our site and then eventually, backs up against the rail corridor?’ The idea was to almost create this enlarging of the urban experience of the public realm of the street, to kind of pull in from the north to the south. The public space, we call it a largo—it’s not quite a piazza, it’s more of a widening of the street that allows things to happen in a contemporary way.” Subscribe to Novae Res Urbis Toronto here.