Abstracted Rustic: Forgotten Stables Restored

The Royal Annex

Previously the forgotten stables of the heritage Royal Hotel, the structure at #6 Ross Street was restored and re-designed as an Annex to the main Hotel in an effort to augment the complex and its exterior spaces. Five generous suites for longer term stays occupy the second floor, while the ground floor houses the Royal’s administrative spaces, storage, and a small street front gallery/retail space.

The main stair and suites’ entrance is tucked at the northeast corner, terminating the slow ramp that leads to and from the main hotel.

Greeted by an antique horse quilt as you first enter the vestibule, the Annex subtly carries with it a theme laced by the original purpose of its restored structure. Gaining its name from the idea of “attic suites,” Royal Annex is a kind of hidden gem at the top a secret stair.

The multi-valent wood-clad volumes accommodate support spaces – allowing the lofty bedroom spaces to expand into the ceiling scoops.

“The Annex was envisioned as a romanticized shed, so it’s anchored to the farming context of the County, but in a fresh way that expands and solidifies a new contemporary voice.” Pina Petricone, Designlines

The roof structure was redesigned to allow for ‘scoops’ carved into the attic space from the ceiling, intended to host custom light fixtures. These sculpted elements in wood relief are carefully positioned in each of the five suites with custom designed fixtures rendered in undulating panels of wool felt, punctuated by pendant bulbs that adorns each scoop.

5 suites, each with a wet bar and small toaster oven, some with dining tables, some with sitting areas, all intended to make a longer-term stay comfortable in the true spirit of the County.

The five, top floor suites are designed with a rustic, stripped down spirit, yet they maintain the same attention to detail as the interiors of the main hotel. Some unexpected elements within the suites include a continuous stone bench-become-counter which holds a farm trough sink and is underscored by a cut and bent metal backsplash.

The restored Annex to the Royal Hotel is complete with a gallery/boutique at Ross Street.

Project Facts

  • Client

    247 Main Street Picton LP

  • Location

    6 Ross Street, Picton, Ontario

  • Size

    6,800 sq.ft.

  • Status


  • Sub-Consultant Team

    Structural — Cucco Engineering + Design

    Mechanical & Electrical — Lam & Associates

    Kitchen — Trend Foodservice Design & Consulting

    Procurement — P360 Concepts Inc.

  • Fabricator

    Katerina Tompkins
    Punchclock Metalworks

  • General Contractor

    Structure Corp
    HADY Construction Associates (building shell)

  • Photography

    Graydon Herriott

  • Artist / Graphics

    Graphic Design — BLOK